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Last update: 2023-07-02

You can link to MIZTLI to open a given protein or a given variant with URL parameters as follows.

Open a protein

Use this URL template:<protein>

where <protein> is either:

  • a UniProt id (P40692)
  • a UniProt name (MLH1_HUMAN)
  • a HGNC gene symbol (MLH1)
  • a NCBI RefSeq transcript (NM_000249.3)
  • a NCBI RefSeq protein (NP_000240.1)

Try it:

Please note that RefSeq version numbers are discarded in the RefSeq-UniProt matching process (e.g. NM_000249.3 or NM_000249.4 or even NM_000249 will all open MLH1_HUMAN).

Create a variant

Use this URL template:<protein>&<aa_change>

where <protein> is like above, and aa_change uses the conventional protein-level variant description with either 1-letter or 3-letter amino acid symbols, e.g. T82A or Thr82Ala.

Try it: